Marika Sylvain Groendyk knew she wanted a change of careers and thought she would have plenty of time to transition from working in child welfare into the world of public relations. “I was in child welfare for 15 years before moving into this realm,” Marika says. “I had been doing work behind the scenes to gain more experience in PR & communications for some time and decided I would give myself a three-year exit plan. That lasted four months.”

Marika started Bluepoint Public Relations in 2019, which she runs from her home in Plympton-Wyoming. “I have always been an active communicator," she explains. "I have always been comfortable public speaking and using my voice as an advocate for clients and causes I am passionate about. My journey into PR really began when I became active with my union (at the time, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union) around seven years ago and I was doing higher-level advocacy provincially where I could use my voice in different ways.”

Marika was asked by a member of the union’s Indigenous Mobilization Team to participate in a campaign to raise awareness about the Sixties Scoop- a period in which a series of policies were enacted enabling child welfare authorities to take Indigenous children from their families and place them in foster homes. “That was my first foray into using my communications skills to increase the profile of the folks I was used to advocating for on a smaller scale,” Marika says. “I thought this was a way I could use my own talents in communications to help others share their stories.” Having already completed an undergrad in psychology and criminology, Marika went back to school and earned a post-graduate diploma in PR from the University of Victoria. “I think there is a misconception about PR, but I spend most of my time writing and creatively messaging factual information and making sure that information lands the way it is intended.”

Bluepoint PR is a bilingual firm that specializes in not-for-profit and crisis communications and works with a wide range of organizations, businesses, and individuals. “I provide reduced prices for not-for-profit organizations," she says. Our fees are on a sliding scale, and I always offer a free consult so we can chat about their needs.” Marika insists the fact that her fees are lower than some of her competitors does not mean Bluepoint PR offers a lesser level of service. On the contrary. “I make sure my clients get the same quality of service, but am deeply committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion and helping break down historical barriers to service by providing accessible, affordable pricing” she says. 

As a boutique public relations firm, Bluepoint PR offers two main service areas. The more traditional PR- building brand loyalty and reputations which includes a wide range of services, and corporate communications- building internal communications strategies that are vitally important to the success of businesses and organizations. "At Bluepoint PR cultivating lasting relationships with your stakeholders is at the root of everything we do."