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Peppermint whipped magnesium cream
Manage your tired achy legs, leg cramps and even some relief from rls with our whipped magnesium cream. 100% peppermint essential oils  has been added for a cooling sensation.  essentially l.i.t. from sarnia, on 
Lime hard seltzer
Vitals: 5% ABV For those craving something different, try our new Lime Seltzer! This 5% hard seltzer is crystal clear with a carbonated kick that hits you with a zested citrus aroma and a freshly squeezed lime flavour. Clean, crisp and served over ice, this refreshing seltzer is gluten-free, low-carb & crazy good. 10¢ per can deposit included. Return for a refund where applicable.
Solid state mens cologne
Size matters: 80% smaller than regular products. 100% smarter. 110% more handsome. squeeze the bathroom products into whatever shower space you’ve been left. slide the cologne in your pocket or bag. take them all on an international flight, because airport security wouldn’t dare.    less waste,  more product: these products don’t rely on water or alcohol as cheap fillers, which means they’re better for the environment and longer lasting than traditional grooming products, too. but will they melt? never, but lovers might   features   bloom sandalwood. musk. violet leaf. like you, bloom is enigmatic, mysterious. floral notes of iris, violet leaf and juniper berry contradict smoky sandalwood, papyrus and cedarwood. just a hint of spice, leather and musk. it puts the sex in unisex. top notes: sandalwood, cardamom, juniper berry heart notes: cedarwood, papyrus, iris base notes: ambrox, leather accord, musk weight: 12 g / 0.42 oz   haze citrus. bergamot. mountain pine. some men like to go fishing. other men like to live in mountain woodlands, wrestle brown bears, climb cliff faces and sleep on a bed of fresh pine needles. this smells like that. top notes: italian lemon, pine, bergamot heart notes: virginian cedar wood, geranium base notes:  patchouli, incense weight: 12 g / 0.42 oz   moss black pepper. oak moss. patchouli. and you thought you were a man of layers. meet moss. he opens with a shock of refreshing pink pepper and patchouli, before settling into the depths of manly oak moss and oud. he’ll make love to your senses. then he’ll try one on you. top notes: black pepper, palm leaves, dew mistheart notes: virginian cedarwood, geranium, ivy leaves base notes:  oud, patchouli, oak moss weight: 12g/ .42 ozadditional information: plu: 5638