Christine Feige is celebrating ActivEars Hearing Centres this year. During their 25th year, they want to thank the local community for all their loyal support. “Our team guides people to make the most informed decisions for their hearing health care, based on their lifestyle and hearing requirements. The best thing you can do for family and friends is to encourage them to book a check-up, so they will be able to hear their loved ones better,” says Feige. Patients can call 519-337-2679, and a client coordinator can book a complimentary discovery test. “There’s no pass or fail with this test.”

“We just want patients to hear better immediately, and we work with them to accomplish that.” Feige is proud to be one of the last multi-community local hearing care providers, and to celebrate, they have special events planned. “May is Better Hearing and Speech Awareness month. As Hearing Instrument Practitioners, we attend the annual convention each May. We are always learning more to serve our patients better, and we’ve tied that into our celebrations.”

The team strives to offer their clients the best hearing instruments available, plus an exceptional patient experience. “Re-learning to hear again is a process that we do together, and if a patient would benefit from hearing aids, we would be blessed to be their hearing professionals of choice along that journey.” Feige is very proud of her team. "We’ve grown with our patients to provide the best hearing care choices. We are looking forward to adding more team members.”

ActivEars is located at 270 Christina Street North. The office has changed over the years, and they have recently transformed the space. “We are grateful for the new landlord, and look forward to ongoing improvements as we grow and transition for our year-long celebrations.” The business was originally located at the corner of London Road and Christina Street. “My father owned a building on that corner since 1972. He was a second-generation denturist.” Feige graduated from George Brown College. She has also established ActivEars locations in Brampton, Durham, Goderich, Hanover and Owen Sound. “We have a lot of family in those areas; I could travel for work and visit at the same time. I really enjoy seeing clients in those communities as well.”

ActivEars provides an extensive line of digital products on the leading edge of hearing technology. “We are here to guide our patients to improve their hearing in their daily lives.” They offer a complimentary session where they take impressions of your ears and establish an accurate hearing baseline. “Better hearing starts with our patients. We spend that initial investment in time for discovery, to help guide them. We look in their ear and clear wax if needed, to see the pathway to the brain. We look at the eardrum using a video otoscope.” Hearing awareness and ongoing education is a vital part of ActivEars’ process. They also believe in giving back to the community by supporting local charities, including Pathways and Rotary. “We want to thank our patients for giving us their ears for the past 25 years.”