Although he playfully informs his clients that he’s an immigrant to Sarnia, Adam Dumond of Royal LePage Realty is an expert on the local housing market. “I moved to Sarnia in 2004 after earning my real estate license in London.” His wife was from Sarnia and they knew they wanted to settle here.

Dumond was strongly influenced by his father-in-law, Doug Bain. He encouraged Dumond to network in the community in order to meet people. “My father-in-law was very motivating, and encouraged me to get out there.” Dumond joined the Young Professionals group. He also got involved with the local men’s volleyball league and coached the varsity girls’ team at Lambton College, combining his passion for the sport and his desire to meet people. Bain also provided him with advice on running his own business, advice that has proven priceless. Dumond has learned that the most important part of running his own business is building a strong relationship with his clients. While he loves the thrill of the negotiation, he is always working in their best interest. “Sometimes, you can get caught up in the emotional aspect of a negotiation. When I work with a couple or a family, I want to close the deal, but I want it to be the right deal for them. Knowing if it’s the right deal only comes from building a strong relationship with them.”

Alongside the traditional tools available to real estate agents, Dumond is also incorporating new technology into his service offering. “People still read the newspaper and pictures have been the standard for years,” he explains. “Video is the newest feature, though, and I am an early adopter. We are an industry that is evolving, and that’s very exciting for me.” Videography is a standard feature for him on each project, not an additional piece in selling a house with him. “I don’t charge extra for video. I think that it is part of a complete package and I know that it will help sell every house I list. It’s what my clients want. I want to give each of my clients the chance at the best possible offer.”

Selling real estate has allowed Dumond to combine his strengths and his passions. Alongside his interest in new technology and his desire to run his own business, it is also a chance for him to use his interpersonal skills. “Real estate is a lot of improvisation, which I love. I found my niche. I love the negotiation part. I love the people part.” He doesn’t find the stress overwhelming. “Real estate has the potential to be stressful, difficult situations do come up, but I’ve found that it’s mostly a very happy time for people. I get to work with families that are growing, people who are moving up in the world, individuals who are taking on new jobs. It’s an amazing opportunity to be a part of these changes.”

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