Dr. Jessica Bourassa and Dr. Vanessa Curran have a lot of titles. Mothers, wives, dentists and twin best friends. They are Sarnia girls, who after graduating from St. Patrick’s High School in Sarnia, attended the University of Western Ontario for undergraduate studies; then the University of Toronto and Western respectively, for dental school. They love Sarnia, and even before becoming dentists, always loved being a part of Sarnia’s tight-knit local community. And it’s that small-town sense of togetherness, friendship and willingness to go the extra mile that they aim to bring to their practices.

Their offices are located at 929 Michigan Ave. and provide a full range of dental services. “We really enjoy seeing our patients and spending time with them. Our teams are patient and kind and really try to make people feel comfortable,” says Dr. Curran. “And we love working on kids!” The pair have the tooth fairy on speed dial. “She leaves extra money here because she knows our children have been brave,” says Dr. Bourassa. “One of the best compliments we get is from parents who tell us their child looks forward to coming here." The pair really enjoy working with children and adults with special needs. “We are able to see these patients at our office or the hospital. We have hospital privileges to do so,” says Dr. Curran. “This is the reason I started the Sarnia Chapter of Sharing Smiles Day, which has a mission to advocate, educate and improve the oral health of adults with special needs,” adds Dr. Bourassa.

While they love seeing kids, they stress they enjoy seeing their adult patients too. “The biggest goal is to make sure our patients are comfortable and not afraid to come to the dentist. That goes for all patients, no matter their age. We love our team and find them to be so welcoming. Patients will say it looks like you are having so much fun and that’s because we are,” explains Dr. Curran. Dr. Bourassa echoes the sentiment: “Sure, we want to make sure that you and your teeth are as healthy as they can be. But, to us, you’re more than just a set of teeth. That’s why we make sure that when you come to our office, you’re not just coming for a check-up or procedure, you’re stopping by to see friends. We think taking care of your teeth is important, but we hope for it to be a fun, enjoyable experience too.”

The girls had a dream to practice across the hall from one another, a dream that came true when Dr. Bourassa bought a practice and moved it across the hall from Dr. Curran. “The only struggle is for some of our friends and family to decide which one of us to see.”