Sarah and David Blanshard met in England while studying to complete their doctorates at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic. After graduating in 2009, the couple moved home to Sarnia in 2014. “I was really homesick and excited to move home. Our goal was to open up our own multi-disciplinary clinic so we could have our own approach to healthcare. We opened Lakeshore Road Chiropractic Clinic in August of 2014. I was pregnant, so Dave was there by himself, and my father was our receptionist,” explains Sarah.

Lakeshore Road Chiropractic Clinic, located at 1133 Lakeshore Road, is a health and wellness clinic offering chiropractic care (including acupuncture), massage therapy, ultrasound therapy, and rehabilitation. They specialize in family, pediatric and infant, pre- and post-pregnancy, sports and injury, and corrective care. Sarah’s practice is 80% maternity and pediatric, and Dave’s is 50% geriatric. After working with healthcare providers in the maternity field, Sarah wanted to provide a drug-free approach to tackling pain during pregnancy. Sarah is one of only a couple of chiropractors in Canada with a special interest in maternity and pediatric care. “I get most of my referrals from midwives who bring me a restless baby. I do four to six treatments of focused baby massage, and it doesn’t take long to notice a difference.” Dave treats many different kinds of pain, including post-surgical, mobility, arthritis-based, and any type of musculoskeletal pain. The clinic also has two massage therapists, and they bill to all major insurance companies.

Sarah and Dave are both passionate about healthcare and provide unique care. “We are a health and wellness practice. If you come to us with pain or a problem, we fix it and then you go away. We are not the type of people you need to see for the rest of your life to achieve wellness.” They both wanted to offer Sarnia a different chiropractic experience by providing longer treatments with the goal of resolving the problem. “We never want our patients to feel like they are on an assembly line. We want them to be healthy, and to see us when they choose.”

They built their practice mainly through word of mouth and referrals from other healthcare practitioners in town. “We have found people who are also passionate about healthcare. We work with midwives, physicians, personal trainers, recreational therapists, and others in the healthcare field. It’s great to have those relationships so we can refer clients to each other to help our patients achieve wellness. That’s what sets us apart.”

Lakeshore Road Chiropractic Clinic is a family-run business that looks out for other families. The Blanshards love what they do and care about their patients. “The greatest joy that we get is when the patients are better, and they know that the problem has been fixed. That gives us so much satisfaction.”