As an online platform, #local makes it easy and fun for you to support your community, connect with your neighbours and enjoy a local life. But you may find yourself asking, what’s so special about #local. Do I really need another platform to engage with? Or more simply - what the heck are these #local folks doing and why are they doing it?

We hope this answers your questions.

What we are about

As our name suggests, we love our local community. And we know you do too. Our mission is to create a platform that you can rely on for local information, without having to sift through thousands of unwanted posts and ads.

On the #local platform we purposefully only sharing local content in the #local feed. Organizations like your favourite restaurant or charity, regularly struggle to communicate with their audience. They are business owners, not marketing or PR experts. But in today’s world, they are forced to participate in social media for the hope of some interaction - time that could be better spent perfecting their pizza or upholding their mission.

The #local platform helps organizations directly communicate with citizens - like you - without having to compete with cat memes, personal updates or the chaos of comments.

Citizens can still provide their support - and we encourage it! High five and save posts from your favourite organizations, follow their profiles and provide shoutouts to let organizations (and other citizens) know about the amazing service or product they offer.


Time is a finite resource. And while we have all fallen trap to the endless scroll of many social media platforms, that’s not what we want for you, or for #local.

The time you spend here is meant to be intentional. We want organizations to stop wasting hours building social content that’s here today and gone tomorrow. We are limiting the types of content that organizations can share, so it’s easy for citizens to consume and ensure that you never miss an update.

We have a saying at #local; Every post. Every time.

If an organization owner or team has put the time in to create and share information - we believe you should receive it (if you want to). We want every post that an organization shares to appear in every feed of every person that follows them. No algorithm controls if or when a post gets in front of followers. Instead, they can create genuine connections because followers like you hear them, every time.


Unlike other social media platforms, #local has a chronological feed of information - no algorithms, noisy ads or endless feeds. We’re putting control back in your hands, so you can decide on the information you receive.

#local feeds can be filtered based on what you want to see. If there are active posts within your filters - you will see them. The posts you see are shared chronologically, giving you the chance to participate, attend or enjoy every new opportunity. Stop by once a day, see what's happening and give some encouragement, then get out there and enjoy what this community has to offer!

This is just the beginning of #local. Our team is committed to continuously developing the #local platform to make it better and serve the needs of the communities that use it.

We believe the strongest communities are those that work together. For #local, that means making it easy for you to provide feedback and most importantly - listening to it. We will regularly review all feedback offered about the platform and when you provide feedback we use, we are excited and ready to celebrate the work you are doing for this community.

---Your neighbours at #local