When it comes to operating their business, Renue Laser Aesthetics, business partners Julie Blais and Christine Robinson simply want their clients to feel at ease in a safe and comfortable environment. Renue Laser Aesthetics is a small, quaint, and private setting in the Royal LePage Building on 546 Christina Street in Sarnia “We space our appointments out so very rarely will you have anybody else passing you in the doorway,” Julie says. “We have a small office area where we have some skincare products we offer and three treatment rooms for services.”

Laser Aesthetics is a hair removal and skin rejuvenation business. “I have more than 20 years experience of doing laser hair removal as a client so it was something I could definitely get behind because of my own personal experience with it,” says Julie. In recent years, hair removal had evolved making laser treatments available at more affordable pricing. Julie jokes that the laser treatment is not like going for a relaxing massage, but neither is it painful. “It’s a little like an elastic band snapping against your skin,” Julie says. “The nice thing is we have control over the laser. We control the settings. We find a sweet spot so they feel it, but it’s not painful.”

The business partners wanted to create a space where everybody felt comfortable regardless of their size, shape, or gender. “Christine and I are very average women who are treating the everyday person.” Christine was quick to add “I’m turning 50 this year, so I am middle-aged, slightly overweight and don’t have a whole lot of confidence in myself some days, so going into a spa where you are treated by a young aesthetician is very intimidating." The two quickly decided their motto would be, everybody deserves to feel good in the skin they are in. 

Christine and Julie opened Renue Laser Aesthetics in 2020 and, naturally, were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. “A month after we opened COVID shut everything down,” Christine says. “It was pretty unsettling. I think we have persevered pretty well considering we were closed more than we were open.”

Julie and Christine have recently expanded their services, and are now certified to offer micro-needling. “We have a specialized surgical stainless steel, Health Canada approved needle that we put hyaluronic acid on a person’s body and it helps with collagen; helps with fine lines, wrinkles and scar removal,” Julie says. “It can also help with hair restoration and tightening of the skin. It’s a little wonder tool.”

Christine and Julie agree customer comfort and satisfaction is what drives them. “Just having customers be so thankful they found something that works for them is amazing.”