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Science - lo-cal ipa

By Refined Fool Brewing Co.

We set out to create a seemingly unattainable concoction—a low calorie beer that doesn’t skimp on flavour. after dozens of controlled experiments and failed hypotheses, we finally brewed up science. it’s a citrusy delight that’s aromatic, light, and incredibly easy drinking.
it's also only 90 calories, so go ahead and have a couple. don't be surprised to see your beer belly subside into a paunch, and then a pot-belly, and then an 8-pack. it's science.
355 ml


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Science - lo-cal ipa
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Hypothesis #1 and #2 - lo-cal ipa
Pull your pipettes out of the crawl space, we need your help with a science experiment. abstract: hypothesis #1 and #2 are our first attempts at a lo-cal ipa. the goal is to balance the citrusy, refreshing goodness of an ipa with the benefits of a low calorie beer. observations: we observed that the beer got brewed and packaged. materials and methods: water, malt, hops, yeast, goggles, a lab coat, passion, a documentary about tibetan yaks. results hypothesis #1calories/12 oz - 123abv - 3.61%srm - 6.8ibu - 25og - 9.43fg - 2.54 hypothesis #2calories/12 oz - 99abv - 4.34%srm - 5.8ibu - 22og - 8fg - 0 definitions abv: alcohol by volume, a standard measure of how much alcohol is contained in a given volume of a beverage (expressed as a volume percent). srm: standard reference method, the system brewers use to measure a beer’s color. a very pale beer, such as american wheat, typically has an srm of 5, while a dark coloured stout is usually in the range of 25-40 srm. ibu: international bittering units, the measure of hops’ contribution to a beer's bitterness. it can range from zero to over 100. beer bitterness is subject to perception. what is aggressively bitter to some is mildly bitter to others. also, bitterness can seem lower in the presence of residual sugar, carbonation and cooler temperatures. og: original gravity, the measure of how much sugar is present in the wort before it is fermented. fg: final gravity, the measure of how much sugar is left over when fermentation is done.