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A delicious grapefruit radler.
Did he just yell tugboats?
A moderately dark, spicy, fruity, malty, and refreshing wheat ale. it mysteriously makes you want to shout about different types of boats, and that's a good thing.
Bright pink in color with high cloudiness. flavor is that of a typical german hefeweizen with a slight tartness and cranberry flavor. low hop aromas/bitterness. light in body with high carbonation.
Zeus juice
A sarnia greekfest pilsner.
Yes dear beer
In honour of our brewmaster tying the knot we released the drunk in love 4-pack, featuring four brand new seasonals that are sold together. strong malt aroma, with moderate amounts of rich toasty overtones.
This single-malt and single-hop (smash) ale is brewed using only maris otter malt and comet hops. it is a crisp, juicy, and super sessionable pale ale. sure to make your christian uncle shout “wowsers!” upon his first sip.
When christina met davis, a shout out to our favourite downtown intersection, is our newest seasonal release. this 4.3% strawberry peach sour is pleasantly tart, bright, and features the perfect marriage of peach and strawberry.
Wheat didn't start the fire
Pale/straw in color with high cloudiness. classic hefeweizen style, with strong banana and clove balanced by bready/sweet characteristics, and high carbonation. immensely refreshing and easy drinking.
We danced for the pizza guy
It's a flavourful, juicy ipa infused with pineapple. so good we danced for the the pizza guy. his name is philip and he was visibly moved.
Waffle thoughts
Let us introduce “waffle thoughts” a kettle sour brewed with peach and mint that is charmed to make your acquaintance. this golden, hazy wonder is impeccably tart and bursting with thought-provoking flavour.
Tiny umbrella
Tiny umbrella is a coconut brown ale with hints of toffee, caramel and real toasted coconut. it looks great in the grocery cart next to all those superfoods that you are going to pretend you like.
Tiny pony withdrawal
There is nothing quite like having a hefeweizen greet your palate with citrus blood orange and chewy wheat ale. saddle up and trot your way to the brewery before it's gone....and you go into pony withdrawal.
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