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That’s a controversial quilt
We can’t show you the images of said quilt. they are too controversial. like a beer made with plums. but that’s a controversy we are willing to storm. this rich, creamy beauty has a moderately sweet, bready malt flavour and features notes of chocolate, coffee, and sweet dark fruit from the addition of controversial plums.
Its origins date back to vikings crossing the ocean with wooden casks, curing the common cold, chafing, and venereal disease upon arrival. years later it would be passed on at school dances, purchased by older siblings and sketchy friends of friends. now its your turn to make history. this beer promises not to alarm any taste buds but will quench thirst and improve quality of life if administered at the proper temp. results may vary.
We couldn't be more thrilled to sponsor south western international film festival. this easy drinking pub-style beverage is smooth and calming - the kind of beer that pairs well with all-nighter marathons.
Songs to corn detassel
This refreshing low-alcohol german wheat beer, comes in at a nimble 3.5%. it is slightly sour and sweet, and pours a hazy purple thanks to the infusion of sweet tasty blackberries. if you have ever detasseled while listening to len sing songs from the old country, you'll get it.
So many aardvarks
This highly attenuated and dry beer maintains the yeast complexity saisons are known for, but pairs them with a nice bitterness and aroma achieved by using centennial hops in the boil and dry hop. the light straw colour holds up to a crisp white head. slightly higher carbonation increases the refreshing quality this saison already has being on the lower end of the abv scale (5%).
Shirtless at the smith family reunion
Shirtless at the smith family reunion is a dry, tart, peppery saison aged in classy and refined cab sav barrels for 4 months. uncle ron hates this beer, so you will probably like it.
Shed problems
Shed   noun: shed; plural noun: sheds   1. a place where people go to do pretend projects in order to avoid human interaction.   2. a refreshing wheat beer with malty sweetness and grainy wheat flavours. moderate citrus and floral hop flavours and aromas are brought forward with the addition of strawberries and rhubarb. it’s easy drinking, sweet, and has a ‘fluffy’ finish.
Similar to our old favourite centennial's fence with some hop editions to provide a nice citrus finish. a moderate wheat flavour that lingers to the finish and a nice malty sweetness make this a great start-of-spring beer. she throws things is an american wheat that you shouldn't be tossing around.
Scooter city blues
A cloudy belgian style wheat beer served with slightly higher carbonation, resulting in a crisp, refreshing finish. the mango and peach additions create a well balanced tropical sweetness. guaranteed to chase away those scooter city blues (we have no idea what that means).
Say no! to rugs
Introducing say no! to rugs, an 11.9% english barleywine that is intense and complex in the best sort of way. pleasant fruit and toffee notes make this beast the perfect cold weather sipper, and as a bonus it's great for aging. just don't drink this beer while on rugs, bad things will happen...
Save scits
A classic german golden lager...crisp, clean, and dry. refined fool supports the revitalization of sarnia's downtown, and we believe scits is a vital part of this. proceeds from the sale of this beer will be donated to charitable organizations that strive to make downtown, and our great city, a better place to live.
Refined ghoul
Peter, peter, pumpkin drinker / had a beer but couldn't keep her / he put it in a pumpkin shell / and there he kept it very well... for about 4 seconds. my god, peter, show some restraint! introducing our pumpkin amber ale made with real pumpkin along with spiced cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. it'll be the best trick or treat stop you make this season, guaranteed.
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