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Tumbler Box
1 Custom Insulated Tumbler 2 Hot Chocolate Bombs Candy Canes Hershey’s Kisses
Sigmagic® scrub
Clean your extra-dirty brushes with this natural 2-in-1 cleanser! even the toughest of foundation and pigment stains are easily scrubbed away - just add water! featuring firm-hold suction cups, you're free to wash brushes hands-free using a swirling motion, and the vented lid allows product to dry and stay germ-free.
Slate Charcuterie Board
Black slate charcuterie board with blue wave
Fusion mineral paint, brook
dip your toes into this refreshing watery blue-green. - - - - - - - - - - -  500ml jar. 16.9 fl. oz. ...........................fusion mineral paint is a professional paint for the everyday diy'er! with exceptional ease of application, zero voc formulation with high hiding coverage and a built in top coat it's easy to paint it beautiful with fusion! with over 50 gorgeous colours to choose from, you can tackle any project small or large! go from inspired to admired in a few hours. add colour, reinvent and enjoy your time to create. live with things you love and diy the rest. pick your project, bring home a pot of mineral inspiration, and paint it beautiful! zero voc minimal prep work easy application exceptional coverage gorgeous matte finish no topcoat required fusion mineral paint is the only choice for exceptional colour, coverage and durability. easy to apply with a smooth matte finish, fusion™ requires minimal prep work, no finishing coat, waxing or on-going maintenance! fusion™ is not your average paint that you buy at the hardware store. each and every ingredient in the formulation is carefully selected, evaluated and tested to the strictest quality control measures to ensure a superior performing paint. each batch goes through rigorous quality control ensuring that the paint will not separate or harden in the container for 7 years. fusion is able to achieve this by using only the best available ingredients on the market. the formulation is 100% unique, formulated from the ground up. you will not be able to find a duplicate on the market that compares!  
Certified organic. 1/2 lb is equivalent to 3-4 small limes.
Leisure lover wide leg pant set in latte
77% polyester.  15% rayon.  8% spandex.
The joey cover set
Note: all joey-related orders will be final sale (no exchanges, colour swaps, or refunds). expected delivery is late february.please note that covers for additional pieces (lava and rocker sets) are not included in this cover set.if there's one thing we've learned is that imaginations are as colourful as a rainbow, so why shouldn't your joey be the same? the joey cover set covers all five pieces of your joey play couch: base, seat cushion, half-moon arm rest pillow, and two triangle pieces!  why do you need extra joey covers when you already have one on the couch? well, you could ... change your joey play couch with the seasons. adapt your play couch to a new makeover. change it to your little's new favourite colour. (we're sure it changes all the time!) have a backup just in case of a spill. all of our covers are made from brushed microsuede, and we picked it because it's: stain-resistant machine-washable (!) shrink-resistant pet-friendly breathable feels soft against the skin aka silky smooth aka
Do it like dali
In honour of dali's arrival to our beloved downtown and movember, we released this pale ale that displays floral and subtle spice notes and imparts distinct tropical flavours.
Oma bar necklace
Stainless steel  and stainless steel gold plated “oma” necklace hand stamped by christina tischler designs 18” chain.
Blondie shoreline tee
The shoreline tee is your basic t-shirt with a little extra length at the hem and in the sleeve.  perfect for layering has a little extra structure and the ultra soft bamboo fabric makes this tee your everyday go to for years to come! features made in canada fitted overall, longer hem for taller people and perfect for french tuck! fabric has lots of stretch 67% bamboo, 27% cotton, 6% spandex machine wash in cold and lay flat to dry additional information: plu: 5518
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