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Rawceuticals raw cloth

By Caryl Baker Visage

Size: 2x 9.5”x11” (2 cloths per box)
skin type: suitable for all skin types
description: raw cloth™ is a revolutionary, biodegradable face cloth derived from 100% wood fber sourced from sustainably managed forests. incredibly soft when wet, this one-of-a- kind cloth rinses 99.9% bacteria free and can be used over 1,000 times.
how to use: gently wipe over face, neck, and eye area. the cloth will be rigid upon initial package opening. rinse the natural vegetable starch off with warm water or machine wash to relax fbers.
key active ingredients:
wood-based viscose rayon: made from the wood waste of eco-sustainable forests, viscose rayon has similar structural properties as cotton - both are made from cellulose. due to its natural wood base, viscose rayon is an eco-friendly and reusable source of cleansing.
ingredients: wood-based viscose rayon


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Rawceuticals raw cloth
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