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Cleansing sponges
Description & benefits: a soft sponge used to remove cleanser from the face. it’s completely washable and rinses clean. how to use: must be used damp and washed with mild soap after each use.
Xtreme lashes glideliner™ sharpener
Designed to ensure the artistic potential of glideliner long lasting eye pencil, this sharpener uses an eisen second-blade system to create the ideal tip for precise and easy eye lining. for best results, sharpen glideliner long lasting eye pencil prior to each use.
Inverness® ear care solution
Inverness® ear care solution is specially-formulated to keep your new piercing clean and comfortable during the aftercare healing period. 4 oz
2-well eye shadow palette
description: refillable, magnetized, compact, customizable 2-well eye shadow palette. does not include eye-shadows.
Xtreme lashes flex-tip applicators
Tackle stubborn mascara and eye makeup with this one-of-a-kind detailing brush. the flexible silicone paddle-style brush is specially designed to maneuver smoothly and gently across eye area contours. lint-free bristles produce an effective makeup-lifting lather when used with xtreme lashes eye makeup remover & facial cleanser. flex tip applicators are an ideal alternative to traditional cotton swabs, which contain fibers that may get caught between natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions.
Lip liner brush
description & benefits: this brush has a rounded, firm tip for precise application of lipstick or lip gloss. blends colour evenly and thoroughly. how to care for all brushes: the professional brush set must be washed with tepid warm water and a mild soap or shampoo. do not immerse the whole brush into water. only wet the brush up to the silver portion of the brush, as this could soften the glue and the brush can dismantle. use 70% alcohol to disinfect in between washes.
Spongellé hand creams
Spongellé is a los angeles based company – founded on the idea for an exfoliating sponge infused with body wash. spongellé products offer the most effective technology, the finest ingredients, and an essential touch of luxury to anyone’s beauty routine. freesia pear lemon, grapefruit, pear freesia, peony, floral bouquet woody, musk, amber
Avalon lip laquer
Description: innovative lip-hybrid long wear formula.  features high impact, maximum staining pigments to provide more coverage than lip gloss.   benefits: high impact pigments more coverage and shine than lip gloss similar to liquid lipstick with high-watt shine fade-proof non-drying stay put finish use lip liner to prevent feathering made in canada paraben-free how to use: apply to top and bottom of lips with applicator, either over bare lips or over lipstick. 
Caryl baker rechargeable selfie light
Bring the photo studio anywhere with your very own caryl baker visage selfie light! attaches to any smartphone, and features three levels of brightness and 36 bulbs for the perfect selfie. complete with eye-catching packaging and includes a usb charger inside – no batteries necessary!
Gold glitter soothing gel eye mask
This fun, glittering gold soothing gel eye mask is quite literally a treat for your tired and puffy eyes! features an adjustable strap to secure the mask, so your clients can relax anywhere! perfectly packaged for that last minute gift or stocking stuffer! usage: cool in the refrigerator and use during or after facial treatments warm in a pan of water for a relaxing and calming experience to clean, simply use soap and water
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