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Troll toll - cream ale (650ml)
a classic cream ale with just the right amount of malt and hop character to keep you coming back. 5% alc./vol.650 ml
Shirtless in the back pew - barrel aged belgian blonde
This bright and fruity golden beauty features subtle spicy notes and a dry finish. it was aged for 8 months in cabernet sauvignon and baco noir oak barrels from dark horse winery and then blended. 7.4% alc./vol.650 ml
Pinky brewster - raspberry wheat ale
This hazy pink concoction balances juicy raspberries, wheat grain sweetness, and a dry finish to make a delightfully drinkable beer. 4.7% alc./vol.473ml
When christina met davis, a shout out to our favourite downtown intersection, is our newest seasonal release. this 4.3% strawberry peach sour is pleasantly tart, bright, and features the perfect marriage of peach and strawberry.
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