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You love Sarnia-Lambton. That is why you find it fun and rewarding to be involved in your community. But sometimes you miss out on great things because it's difficult to get the information that you need to join in.

Social media is a great way to receive local updates; BUT many of the social media platforms don’t make it easy for small business owners or charities to connect with you. Constantly changing rules and limited “reach” make it difficult for you to stay informed.

Unlike other social media platforms, #local has a transparent feed of information. Citizens, like you, are presented with posts on their own terms - without the noise of algorithms and ads. This means that you decide what information you receive from where. With #local you never have to miss out again!

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The #local Feed

#local is your go-to source for Sarnia community information. You decide what information you see - not algorithms. Information remains timely and chronological - ensuring that you have a chance to see every post, every time.

Be in the Know

Businesses and organizations can share information about events, special offers, announcements and their business story. With no fancy algorithms, the #local feed shows posts according to your personal preference.

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Since you never have to worry about missing a post on #local, there’s plenty of time to interact with organizations!

High Fives

This celebratory interaction lets you say “great job” with a click.


Let the whole town know about the great job a local business has done!


Build a feed of your favourite businesses. Never miss a message!

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