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Refined Fool Brewing Co.

Refined Fool Brewing Co.

1326 London Roard
Sarnia, Ontario
N7S 1P7
Products sold by Refined Fool Brewing Co.
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Ripsnorter - vanilla porter
Ripsnorter is a truly complex beast. you’ll taste hints of roasted malts, caramel, coffee, dried fruit, and chocolate. the addition of fresh vanilla beans and bourbon barrel oak staves round out the intense flavour. rich, full-bodied and dark, this is a bruiser of a porter. 650 ml
Judith's prius - bourbon barrel scotch ale
This malty and sweet 6.5% warmer was aged on oak spirals adding strong notes of oak and vanilla to make a complex yet dangerously drinkable ale. much like driving around in a prius with a low charge, this beer will make you feel super bad-ass. 650 ml
Sarnia light
A bright, incredibly easy drinking ale that uses the unique kveik yeast strain to produce an easy drinking yet full flavoured ale. a simple malt bill, along with some oats, gives this beer a soft and elegant mouthfeel. a slight dry hop finishes off this beer and gives way to a bright and sessionable beer.
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