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Pure Local Organics

140 Christina St N
Sarnia, Ontario
Products sold by Pure Local Organics
Zinc picolinate formula 60 caps
Vegan zinc picolinate formulation• helps to maintain immune function• helps to maintain healthy skin• helps in connective tissue formation• helps the body metabolize carbohydrates, proteins and fats• a factor in the maintenance of good health• helps to prevent zinc deficiency ideal for vegans• convenient vegetable capsule format
Local artisan made, real fruit, shampoo bars. crafted with real blueberries + sage distilled down to make an essential oil. great for sensitive + hypoallergenic skin. wrapped in bio-degradable film. local artisan collaboration since 2018.
Brown lentils
Certified organic, 100% pure. eco packaging made out of recycled material + recyclable. 
Spring mix lettuce
Certified organic.
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