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Dattolos Baked Goods

1030 Confederation St
Sarnia, Ontario
N7S 3Y5
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Products sold by Dattolos Baked Goods
Chicago Style Pizza & Keto Pizza
Our Chicago Style Pizza rises in the oven as it's pilled high with your favourite toppings. Our Keto Pizza is only 5.5 Net Carbs for the entire Pizza minus your toppings. Prices begin at 11.99 and increase depending on the size and the amount of toppings.
Our Keto Meals are simply delicious and easy to have a healthy home cooked meal. We offer Mac & Cheese, Lasagna, Shepherds Pie, Pierogi Casserole, Chicken Parm, Chicken Alfredo and more. Prices begin at $8.99.
Regular Desserts & Keto Desserts
Cheesecakes, Butter Tarts, Date Squares, Keto Cream Pies, Turn overs, Lemon Bars, Cookies, Keto Cheesecakes and more. Prices begin at $2.00.
If you love soft delicious bread then you have to try ours. We carry Betty Bread as well as Aunt Millie's. We have everything from White, Whole Wheat, Raisin, Brioche, Hawaiian Buns, 35 Calorie Bread and even Keto Zero Carb Bread. Prices vary depending on the product chosen.
We have a little bit of everything to satisfy your hunger on Keto. Pancake Mixs, Condiments, Fat Bombs, Pork Rinds, Quest Chips and more. Prices vary depending on the product chosen.