It’s Giving Tuesday next week. And this is a community of generous people. 

But rather than asking you to donate to some of our favourite organizations, we’re asking you to show up for your community.

Take that generous spirit that makes monthly contributions or donates to all the community drives, and instead, pour it straight back into the community. 

As we begin to see glimpses of the old “normal’, we at #local don’t want to forget about all the goodness the people like you have generously doled out over the past two years. 

So here’s what we’d like you to do. 

Pick one way, any way, and be generous next Tuesday. The #local team plans on joining in on the fun, so we’ve compiled a short list of ideas that can help you put some good into the community. 

  • Be a like-a-holic. Give encouragement on every post you see on social media, including high fives and shoutouts on the #local platform
  • Help the planet! Turn off unnecessary lights, stop the water when brushing your teeth and consider composting at home. 
  • Send an encouraging text message to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. 
  • Throw an at-home movie night for your family. Yes, Tuesdays can be movie nights too! 
  • Sort through your books and set aside ones that are in good condition for donation. 
  • Volunteer to clean the bathroom at home or at work. 
  • On the topic of cleaning, why not scrub out the fridge before you stuff it for the holidays - this is one everyone can do, no fridge is too clean for this! 
  • Propagate one of the amazing houseplants you’ve picked up during lockdown from DeGroot’s Nurseries - give the propagation to a fellow plant lover, or someone new to houseplants. 
  • Take your neighbours newspaper from their drive to their door or return their blue bins!
  • Have a new neighbour? Send them to #local to learn more about their new community!
  • Introduce yourself to someone new and learn a new name. We recommend that neighbour you always wave to but never speak with. 
  • Better yet, bake that neighbour some cookies and deliver them. Nothing gets people talking like fresh baked goods. (Can’t bake? Stop by Cassie’s Cottage and grab a delicious treat). 
  • Leave a glowing review for your favourite restaurant. If you want more tips on supporting local businesses visit the 7 Days of Local Challenge
  • Leave your mail person/delivery person a friendly note.
  • Gather all the reusable masks in your home and give them a wash! 
  • Rake your neighbours leaves. 
  • Participate in a free community “library” box or start your own. 
  • Invite a neighbour or friend to participate in one of your upcoming holiday traditions. 
  • Gather your kids or grandkids to make cards to deliver to a local nursing home such as Vision Nursing & Rest Home.

If you are still interested in making a donation for Giving Tuesday, visit the #local Directory and select Not-For-Profit for a list of local organizations you can support today or all year long. 

Happy giving.