About #local (Beta)

Think Global. Act Local.

Support your local community, earn
points and claim exclusive offers.

We're just getting started.

For the last 14 years the team behind #local have been launching local focused projects such as Race to Erase, Give Up A Meal and Year of Local.

These projects and events have raised over $675,000 for local charities, brought awareness to hundreds of local businesses and engage citizens in FUN local events.

#local is the culmination of these past efforts and we're excited to have launched our beta version. Great things are coming!

Support Local. Earn Points. Claim Offers.

Supporting local should be fun and rewarding! Coming soon to the #local platform is a point and rewards system - here's how it works.

  1. Citizens (that's you!) complete "local acts" such as reading a local story, making a local purchase or donating to a local charity.
  2. Citizens are then awarded points within their #local account.
  3. Points can be used to claim offers. These are offers are provided by local organizations and can be anything from a free product to exclusive access to an event.

Early Citizen Registration

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Be assured- we respect your privacy and will only use your information to let you know about the launch.