#local is a collection of community involvement initiatives that support local businesses, charities, and not-for-profits while bringing our community closer together. We believe giving everyone a chance to give back is key to building a strong community that benefits everyone, especially during the tough times ahead.

#local’s community involvement initiatives gives everyone an opportunity to make a difference by donating time, effort, and social media shares. Our initiatives include:

Give-up A Meal

Give-Up A Meal is a fundraiser where you can support both charities and restaurants. It also features Sarnia's Favourite Restaurant bracket. The name comes from the idea that if you were to make a donation to a local charity based on what you would normally spend on a meal at one of our many amazing restaurants, you can have an impact on your community.

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Race to Erase

Race to Erase is an annual community involvement event where teams compete in fun-filled challenges throughout the community to raise funds and help erase the barriers charities face in achieving their goals. The challenges are a combination of savvy and smarts--no goofy shorts required. It has raised over $650,000.

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Year of Local

Year of Local is a collection of inspirational stories about Sarnia-Lambton businesses, events, and local charities that spread the word and encourage community members to give back. Since 2015, Year of Local has produced over 260 uplifting stories featured in three hardcover books.

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Despite the growing uncertainties we face, it’s essential now more than ever to work together to support our economy and strengthen our community. Your contributions make a difference and leave a long-lasting impact as we navigate our new normal, together.

Thanks to sponsors, donors, and active community members, we continue to make a difference and ensure the future of small businesses and local charities in our community.

Here at #local, we continue to develop new ideas for future community involvement initiatives and events that bring awareness and raise funds for local organizations while working to bring our community together. Sign up for our free community involvement platform and give back to your community, today.


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